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Scramble Rules
In the SCRAMBLE format, each foursome is a team playing one ball with four individual chances at each shot. On every hole, each member of the team may hit a tee shot. The team then selects one of the tee shots from which to play. All members of the team may then hit from that position. This procedure is repeated until the ball is holed out. In the end, each team will submit only one (1) final score.

Alternating Selected Shots
A team may not use two consecutive shots of the same player. Once a shot is decided on, then the player who made the shot can not be used on the following shot. For example, Player 1's shot is selected off the tee, then the team can not use Player 1's shot on the following shot.
*Note: With such a wide range of skills, this is to prevent specific individuals from carrying the entire group.

Two Tee Shots
Each team member's tee shot must be used at least two (2) times per eighteen (18) hole round.

Selected Shot
Each team member may place his/her ball within one club-length of the selected shot, but no nearer to the hole. If the shot selected is played from a hazard, bunker, primary rough, secondary rough, fairway, or fringe of the green, the ball must be played from within one club length of the shot selected, but no nearer the hole, and must remain in the hazard, bunker, primary rough, secondary rough, fairway, or fringe of the green.

Improving Lie of Ball (Through the Green)
A team member may improve his/her lie by hand-placing the ball or by moving it with his/her clubhead. The ball is in play when the player addresses it, or if they do not address it, when they make their next stroke at it.

Improving Lie of Ball (In a Hazard)
A team member may improve his/her lie by hand-placing the ball only. The ball is in play when the player addresses it. In a bunker, the bunker may be raked prior to any ball being placed. Any player in the group may rake the bunker.

Improving Lie of Ball (Putting Green)
When putting, the ball must be placed within one putterhead-length from the mark, but no closer to the hole. Once the ball is holed, no further strokes count. *Note: The score counts for the first ball that is holed meaning all following putts will not count if the first player misses his putt and then holes out.

Standing on an Extension of Line of Play
Team members may stand behind one another (on an extension of the line of play) while they are hitting a shot or putt.

One-Ball Rule
The one-ball rule is not in effect. Players may change the make or type of ball between shots, between holes or at any time.

Settling Ties:
Matching of Scorecards
An acceptable method of matching cards is to determine the winner on the basis of the best score for the last nine holes. If the tying players have the same score for the last nine, determine the winner on the basis of the last six holes, last three holes, and finally the 18th hole. If such a method is used in a handicap stroke play competition, one-half, one-third, one-sixth, etc., of the handicaps should be deducted.

If a tie still exists, a matching by holes starting at the first hole should be used. All handicap strokes would apply as allocated on the men's scorecards.

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